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Pickleball Program and Reservation Information

To make reservations, become a member of Pickleball & More at Court Reserve today at no charge. After registering and signing the waiver you will have access to our reservation system. Then, click on the reserve buttons below to go to your court reserve page, log in and make reservations.

Court Reservation
Reserve one of our 9 state of the art courts for your group to play at Pickleball & More. Groups of up to 6 people may reserve a court. Courts are available for increments of 1 hour and reservations must start on the hour.
  • Court Rental 4 people: $40.00/hour
  • Court Rental 5 people: $45.00/hour
  • Court Rental 6 people: $50.00/hour
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Open Play
Please go to your Court Reserve account to find the Open Play sessions schedule. Search Court Reserve under Events for specific information.

Most Open Play is $15.00 for 3 hours. Prices/times are listed on court reserve and may vary for themed open play events.

Leveled Open Play at Pickleball & More occurs multiple times each day. Players rotate in and out of games and play with different partners. Everyone who registers participates and it's a great way to meet other pickleball players. Some advanced open plays may require verification of level..

Levels of Play:
  • Advancing Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced: 3.5 - 3.99
  • Advanced Plus: 4.00 Plus
To determine your level, go to USA Pickleball for descriptions or ask an instructor at Pickleball & More.

Social Open Play is an opportunity to join old friends or play with new friends at Pickleball & More. The event is open to all levels of play and requires players to register. Members must register in advance for Social Plays. There are different types of Social Play events that may be scheduled including for individuals, couples, or by theme. Some examples include:
  • Friday All Play Social
  • College Night
  • High School Open Play
  • 60+ Open Play
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Fun Games and Competitive Play:
Pickleball is not confined to traditional gameplay. When it comes to enjoying this dynamic sport with friends and family, the possibilities are endless. Step away from the usual routines and spice up your pickleball sessions with fun and creative games. Pickleball games keep everyone entertained while improving your skills. Get ready to serve up laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories!

Please go to your Court Reserve account to find when the games described are scheduled. Search Court Reserve under Events for specific information and pricing.

Examples of Pickleball games include:
Round Robin:
A “round robin” is a structured form of play. Players are assigned a number that remains yours throughout the session and tells you which court you play on, with whom you are playing as a partner, and against which opponents. In the time allocated to each round robin session you will play a number of games, each with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents. It is designed so that all players are playing against people of roughly equal ability, which makes play the most fun and competitive for most players.

Up the River/ Down the River: 
Up and Down the River is a fun variation of Open Play. Registered players are assigned a court and play 12 minute games. The winning team moves up a court, the losing team moves down a court, and partners split for the next game. This continues for the 2 hours of the game.
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Please go to your Court Reserve account to find the days and times of  the lessons described below. Search Court Reserve under Events for the specific lesson.

Free Intro to Pickleball: (1 hour class, 4- 8 players) 
Are you ready to experience the exciting world of pickleball? Join our Free Intro to Pickleball lesson today! We believe once you pick up a paddle and experience the fun, you will play again and again. 
  • This class is designed for someone who is brand new to the game. 
  • Learn about the rules, techniques and strategies of the game with our dedicated instructors. 
  • Join a welcoming community of Pickleball enthusiasts. 
We provide everything you need to play except your clothes and non-marking sneakers.

Learn to Play (2 lessons, 2 hours each, 6 registrants required, $60.00)
Pickleball is fun, social and friendly! The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn.

In this Learn to Play program, our instructors will teach you the basics of pickleball and share their favorite tips and tricks. Learn to Play Lessons include:
  • Paddle grip
  • Basic court size
  • Base line, NVZ (No volley zone) and center lines
  • Serving
  • Rules of the serve
  • Two bounce rule
  • Starting to play
Advancing Beginner Lesson (4 players required, $35.00, 1 ½ hours)
These lessons are for players who have completed Learn to Play or have an understanding of the basics of Pickleball with some playtime experience. In the Advancing Beginner Lesson our instructors will help beginner players progress in:
  • Understanding the rules of Pickleball 
  • Serving 
  • Scoring 
  • Moving from the baseline to the NVZ (no volley zone) 
  • Playing at the NVZ (no volley zone) or “dinking” 
  • Playing a game
Players may take Advancing Beginner Lessons more than once to become proficient in these skills and progress to the Intermediate Level.

Intermediate Pickleball Lesson (4 players required, $35.00, 1 ½ hours)
Do you enjoy playing pickleball but are ready to learn some more? Are you ready to focus on execution and strategy. Then it’s time to take intermediate pickleball lessons! Intermediate pickleball lessons at Pickleball & More will focus on:
  • Placing dinks strategically
  • Volleying from the kitchen line
  • Have an understanding of what the transition zone is and how to play from this area.
  • Attempting third shot drops with an understanding of the importance of slowing the ball down.
  • Moving from the baseline, to the transition zone and ultimately to the NVZ
Players may take Intermediate Lessons more than once to become proficient in these skills and progress to the Advanced Level.

Drill Clinics
Drill with James: (4 players required, $40.00, 2 hours)
Drill and play sessions are designed to improve your Pickleball game and focus on developing skills to advance to higher levels of play with an instructor. You will learn how to utilize different shots such as 3rd shot drops, lobs overheads, kitchen line shots, serves, returns, and volleys. You will also learn how to develop effective Pickleball strategy and movement on the courts. All clinics are 2 hours and include coached gameplay throughout the session. 

Drill with Bruce: (4 players required, $40.00, 2 hours)
This is a series of skill building clinics that rotate weekly. These Drill Clinics are designed to improve your Pickleball game and focus on developing skills to advance to higher levels of play. The skills rotation will include:
  • Shot Selection
  • Third Shot Drop
  • The Dink
  • The Serve & Return
Intermediate Players will develop strong and effective skills and strategies.

Private/Semi-Private Lesson (60 min. minimum, 1- 4 players, 100.00/hour)
If you would like to schedule a private lesson at Pickleball & More, please reach out to info@pickleballandmorema.com or call 774-628-9193 with the following information:
  1. Your Pickleball Background and Goals
  2. Availability/Desired Lesson Time: (Two Day/Time Options for Lessons or if you are completely flexible).
  3. Duration (30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours)
  4. Is this a recurring lesson or a one-time lesson? (i.e. Can we schedule every Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm for the next 6 weeks, please specify approximate # of weeks if it is a recurring lesson.)
  5. Do you have an instructor preference? To see our instructor bios go to www.pickleballandmorema.com and click on About Us, Meet our Pickleball Instructors.
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Pickleball and More offers leagues at every level throughout the year. League play is 6 or 8 weeks plus a playoff week. League play includes double and mixed play. Please go to your Court Reserve account to find the days and times of the leagues described below. Search Court Reserve under Leagues for information..

Leagues offered include:
  • Beginner Instructional League
  • Intermediate Leagues
    • Men, Women, Mixed
  • Advanced Leagues 3.5+
    • Men, Women, Mixed
  • Advanced + Leagues 4.0+
    • Men, Women, Mixed
League Play
  • League last 6 or 8 weeks + Playoffs
  • Court time - 2 hours (maximum)
  • Round Robin/Ladder play
  • Traditional scoring – no rally scoring
  • Games are to 11(unless otherwise specified)
  • Individual ranking – based on percentage of winning points.
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Pickleball & More is excited to offer opportunities for pickleball players to build their official ratings through DUPR. To join DUPR Match Sessions, you must first create a free DUPR account by going to the website or downloading the app (https://mydupr.com/login). Then, sign up for DUPR Matches on Court Reserve. An official rating is not required to play in these DUPR Matches. Instructions will be provided to players on DUPR play and entering scores.
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Pickleball & More is hosting tournaments for all levels of play. Please watch for Emails, Court Reserve Announcements, Latest News in our Newsletter and on our Website for upcoming Tournament details.

Upcoming Tournaments:
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Previous Tournaments:
Naughty & Nice (Dec. 2023)
New Year’s Eve Tournament (Dec. 2023)
Super Bowl Challenge (February 2024)
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